Stop wage theft by fashion industry giants

In October, garment workers in Turkey left an urgent plea for shoppers to find in Zara stores.

¨I made the item you are about to buy but I didn´t get paid for making it.¨

Now this plea is growing into a global movement to stop wage theft by global fashion brands including Zara, Mango, Next, Uniqlo, Adidas, Mizuno, M&S, Bonmarche and Nygard.

In December, many of you joined the global days of action to end wage theft.

Inspired by the Bravo factory workers, on and around 15 December, workers, activists and allies are uniting in action demanding justice for garment workers left without the wages they earned making clothes for these famous industry giants. Each of the brands listed above, despite collectively earning billions in annual profit, are refusing to pay workers the money they are earned and now are owed after their factories suddenly closed.

Message drops and protest actions happened in over eight countries including Indonesia, Japan, Turkey, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong.

Clean Clothes believes that to deny these workers their payment is tantamount to wage theft. We therefore urgently call on all the brands involved to ensure that these workers receive the money they are owed.

Workers are fighting back against wage theft and asking for your support. Show support and solidarity with these workers on and around 15 December.

Got 5 minutes?

Here's three ways to contribute

  • On and around December 15, follow and share #EndWageTheft on facebook and twitter

  • Message the brands on social media demanding that they pay the workers that made their clothes and using the hastag #EndWageTheft.
    Zara on  and 
    Mango on  and 
    Next on  and 
    Uniqlo on and 
    Adidas on  and 
    M&S on  and 
    Bonmarche on  and 
    Nygard on  and 
    Mizuno on and 

  • Sign the petitions by the  the and the .

If you have more time, and are willing to take action:

Here's some ideas for staging your own action in support of the workers who were robbed of their wage.

Let your voice be heard, and take the message to the brands!

Stage Your  Own "Message Drop"

tag Bravo.jpgPlan a message drop using these sample tags.

Just like the Bravo factory workers in Turkey you can leave these tags in clothes on their behalf at any of the brand stores listed below.

To complete the action, make sure to share a picture of your message drop with #endwagetheft

Use these tags for Zara, Mango and Next

Use these tags for Uniqlo

Use these tags for adidas and Mizuno

Use these tags for Marks & Spencer, Bonmarche and Nygard


Store Protest

store sign Wage Theft imagePlan a protest action in front of any of the brand stores above.

Download this sign to use, print out as many as you need, and hand them to your fellow protesters.

Questions: contact [email protected]


In these countries people are taking to the street to demand #EndWageTheft

Actions map

Learn more, and connect with the campaigns

Clean Clothes Campaign is currently partnering with workers from four different factories, who are fighting to receive the money they earned making clothes.

You can find out more about the individual cases here:


Zara, Next, Mango slammed for leaving workers without wages in Turkish factory

Workers at the Bravo Tekstil factory complex in Istanbul, Turkey are demanding their back wages and severance after working without payment for three months followed by the sudden shutdown of their factory. As the factory was producing for the apparel brand giants Zara, Next, and Mango, Clean Clothes Campaign supports the workers’ demand that these brands take responsibility and pay up.


adidas and Mizuno defy international standards on workers’ rights in Indonesia

Sports’ brands adidas and Mizuno, as major buyers to the Panarub Dwikarya Benoa (PDK) factory in Indonesia in 2012, should finally ensure that 345 former workers receive the severance payments they are rightfully owed. In continuing to refuse to take responsibility adidas and Mizuno are directly violating international human rights norms and standards.

Chung Fai

M&S, Bonmarché and Nygård should compensate Cambodian workers after factory closure

The sudden closure of a garment factory linked to UK and Canadian brands has left 208 workers in Cambodia without jobs, salaries or compensation. A year later these workers, largely women, are still fighting for justice and are in a desperate situation. As they stitched clothes for UK brands Marks and Spencer and Bonmarché, as well as Canadian brand Nygård, the workers are demanding that these companies take responsibility and give them the legally due payments that their supplier failed to provide.

Jaba Garmindo

Pressure grows on Uniqlo CEO to fulfill debt owed to workers

In April 2015, two Jaba Garmindo factories in Indonesia suddenly closed without paying legally required severance and several months of wages to its mostly women workforce. The factory closures and subsequent bankruptcy was preceded by its major buyers, including Uniqlo, cutting off orders without warning or explanation to the thousands of workers employed there.