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Dragging their feet: by emma, 31-03-2014 07:59
Doing next to nothing to ensure workers are paid enough to live on
Could do better: by emma, 01-04-2014 15:45
Acknowledge the need for a living wage but doing little to make it a reality
The Clean Clothes Urgent Appeal System by paul, 24-04-2013 18:57
Developing and circulating appeals for urgent action (called “urgent appeals” for short) is one way that the CCC supports garment workers in specific cases ...
Some effort: by emma, 31-03-2014 07:59
Mention of work on living wages, but unconvincing so far
We welcome our 17th local CCC: Turkey! by mirjam, 03-07-2013 10:53
CCC is pleased to announce that we now have our 17th European platform in Turkey. CCC Turkey is a platform of trade unions and worker rights groups.
2011 Annual Report by geertjan, 29-04-2013 14:54
Download the Annual Report of 2011
2005 Annual Report by geertjan, 29-04-2013 14:58
Download the Annual Report of 2005
2007 Annual Report by geertjan, 29-04-2013 14:57
Download the Annual Report of 2007
CCC Solidarity Action: Making a Difference for Workers by paul, 24-04-2013 18:57
A publication about the CCCs Urgent Appeal Action Network.
On the way: by emma, 31-03-2014 09:33
Work started to increase wages, but not enough yet