Design assignment

published 11-07-2018 08:24, last modified 11-07-2018 08:24

Clean Clothes Campaign is looking for a designer who can develop a set of templates we can use in our public outreach and campaigning work.

We need the following:

  • a colour scheme that utilizes around our main (red, #D40E16 in hex, cmyk(0, 93,90,17) colour) (used in our logo) with a matching palette for backgrounds, social media graphics, and infographics and covers for reports.

  • templates for social media graphics: different formats for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and a few different versions, such as for posting quotes, statistics, calls for action, with and without photos, etc.

  • a template for reports: text based, with the option to add visual elements, so we would need a standard (but adaptable) format for the front page, headings, subheadings, captions, quotes/callouts, text boxes, tables, footnotes

  • a template for memos, statements, and other shorter (2-4 pages) text based publications

  • one of more recognizable graphic elements that can be included in photos/social media posts etc.

Our key requirements are:

  • compatibility with open source/free software, i.e. Libre Office for reports and statements, Canva (online tool) for social media graphics, Inkscape (svg) for vector graphics (for statements and reports a word compatible version would also be welcomed, if originals are produced in paid software, these files might be usable as addition)

  • the use of the Roboto font family and our key (red) colour as a starting point

  • alignment with the new website design (development in progress)

  • the final results will be under our full copyright or (if preferred) Creative Commons, so we can make adaptations, translations or other modifications.

You are welcome to check our social media accounts and to browse through our publications to get a sense for the types of visuals and publications we have been issuing thus far.


Please send your offer (including your rate and an assessment of the total we would have to budget to hire you for this task) with ‘Templates design offer’ in the subject line to [email protected]. The same address applies if you need additional information.

We will be collecting the offers until (including) 20 August 2018.